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Life Is Good MP3 Song Download: I Feel the Fear

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Somewhere along the early 90's way the phrase, I feel the fear and do it anyway...even being the title of a popular book of the time. I used the familiar Hit the Road Jack chord progression to make a driving tempo that gave action to the idea. In Em it was vocal and Solar Plexus focused to force action and a willingness to break through the old ways.

Many of these chants became movements as well. This one put two facing lines to walk through. One at a time each walks through and busts through extended hands representing the fears and the resistance they laid upon us. You can imagine that this activity blossomed into a powerful release and inner amplification.


I feel the fear and do it anyway (4X)
Right here, right now
I’m free, so free
1998. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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03 I Feel The Fear