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Life Is Good MP3 Song Download: You Are love

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Basic New Thought ideas here...we all are made of love. Putting it into Am allows it to call upon the Root Chakra foundation to be sent out through the Third Eye vision center to be put into active motion in the world. It has a flow that invites movement as it uses what is called, the Jazz Waltz. Up tempo and jazzy and very easy. It soon became a circle interactive dance with the youth groups I introduced it to. 

The words "Christ in you" refer to the New Though idea that the Christ Essence of pure love lives in each expression of life, not just the one, Jesus. It is sometimes met with raised eyebrows...but that diminishes with the bounce and fun that takes the shackles off restricted thinking...thank God!


You are Love I see Christ in you
I see Light pouring forth from you
I bless everything that you are

   ©1998. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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