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Living in DeLight: The Loving Gifts of a Benevolent Multi-verse Printed Book

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The entire cosmos is built from the vibration of Love. It is a nurturing vibration that honors and respects and sustains all forms of life on all levels and in all dimensions. There are no mistakes. It is all good. Each is a unique frequency expression of the Source of the ALL That Is. There are no exceptions.

Too bad this wasn’t taught in Kindergarten. By the time most of reached that age the Truth of our Being and the Truth about the dimension had become a wisp and a fantasy…for the most part. Our cells remember. We know it in our heart of hearts.
But the dimension has guidelines, and forgetting was one of them. In order to experience the glory of free-will, one must start from scratch…for the most part.
This a remarkable time in the course of this planet and the endless variations of life upon it. What began with the harmonic Convergence of 1987 has been a 25 year journey of monumental expansion and reawakening. The challenge is that it looked like chaos, change, and the collapse of life as we know it…at times.
When I throw my jeans into the washer they must experience the process that removes and releases the dirt to restore them to their essence. We have been in a washer. By the Grace of the All That Is we have been given a start over. The Multi-verse is blessings us, pushing us, stirring us, clearing us, reawakening us to reclaim the personal template of the I Am That I Am expressing as Me…and You.
Despite the look of the forms of things, it is a magical time of waking up, of remembering, of reclaiming. We have been showered incessantly with a vast array of gifts from the Loving Source. Most have ignored them. In fact, they did not even know they were coming in. Until now. When we crossed the threshold of 2012 we agreed (for the most part) to enter a new paradigm, the Aquarian Age.
The Time of Oneness, the Time of the Feminine Frequency, the Time of Realignment, the Time of Reawakening, the Time when we all get to be fed…is upon us. In these early days the memories are released internally…little flavor bursts of truth that infiltrate the cells and jump start their I Am Knowing. With each taste we raise our vibration, the Higher Self within each moves us to the just right situation to key the new awareness.
The Multi-verse is blessing us with Gifts a-plenty. Each gift must be received and acted upon. When this leap of faith is in place, then the deeper vibration that each contains saturates the cells to be that which they have always been. The Allness becomes available and we flow into a sea of glorious full hearted experience. Right here in this dimension that just a short time ago was perceived as flawed and decaying…on the brink of death. It is the end of the world…as we know it. How cool is that? A Divine Intervention that puts us back on track…in the shape of a gift, in the shape of a heart, in the shape of a beautiful blessing.
Please accept these gifts. Enjoy them all at once or sample them Each contains information to trigger the deeper understanding, soothe the conscious self, empower the ego, and give the inner child back her innocence and wonder, There are also, with each, suggested ways to express it through your action. Do know that this is essential, this action. The action puts waves in motion that magnetize a new world experience to you. The more you use the gift the more it delivers the nuances of higher vibration. These gifts are a carefully orchestrated process by which we can use the demonstration of gratitude, love, and grace to initiate our own reciprocal blessings into the world with one another.
Enjoy them…It is the least we can do for the gifts of awakening that have been showered upon us all. May you be blessed and nourished into Wholeness.
Please…accept these gifts….and use them without hesitation.
Many blessings and endless happy, nurturing moments

Mark Stanton Welch

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