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There are people in my life That I call my friends And you know we have a Really good time
We might have a little problem Or a big argument But I know that everything Will be fine
Then there are those Who really hurt me with the things they do I call them my enemies
There’re just showing me a part of me I won’t embrace
And when I hate them I hate me
I’m gonna love my enemies Love my enemies Like I do my friends
When somebody tries to hurt or harm me I know they got some problem inside
And I can fight back hard Turn around and run Or I can listen with my Heart open wide
‘Cause they are really calling out For just a little bit of love For somebody who cares
And it doesn’t do me one ounce Of harm To let ‘em know that I’ll be there

   Because a little bit of love will go a very long way To heal the hurting life
   A little bit of love May be the only way To make a problem right
You see we’re living in a world Built on greed and war But that’s not the way It has to be
Each of us here can start To make a change By throwing out the word “enemy”
And we can choose to live  In brotherhood and harmony And to meet each other with love
Just think about a world Where everybody here Gives hugs instead of Pushes and shoves
      © May 3, 1995. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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