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Love the One You're With Song MP3 Download

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Standing in the line I turn and catch the person’s eye
I can turn away or I can give a smile
It’s my chance to make a difference, to brighten up a day
I praise the God within and give a precious love bouquet

A man is seeking money, he is living on the street
I see his sign and judge thinking he’ll drink instead of eat
I start to turn the corner when I turn to see his face
I see the God within him, I place 20 on his plate

Throughout the day they come, moments meant for me
Throughout the day, life lays them at my feet
She says, “Have compassion”
She says, “Take the risk”
She says, “Go on and love the one you’re with”

A spider in the bathtub a fly upon the wall
The traffic jam the couple fighting somewhere down the hall
The man who cut before me the waitress late and rude
Within these golden moments lies a fundamental truth

To get the love I want I must give the love I seek
As I do for you, my friend, someone will do for me
These laws of love are written, they are living in the heart
So what starts right here before me is the perfect place to start

So, Lord, give me situations to practice loving sweet
To ease the pain of living in everyone I meet
Let me grow in bunches from the inside to the out
And let me know that love is all I’ll ever be about

March 3, 1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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