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Current Song Giveaway: Take Good Care of Me

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Self care is one of the primary challenges of humanity. Not only do most have a limited perspective of what that means, but there is cultural prejudice about putting personal needs first. Taking care of others is elevated in stature while self care can be labeled as selfish and even narcissistic. This is nothing but short sighted ignorance.

We are each an energetic being by design with a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual component. Tending that energy is critical in that it gives us a solid foundation upon which we can live. With that foundation we are able to give to others and maintain that compassionate and empathetic action because we are tapped into our own inexhaustible supply. The classic co-dependent, who gives to everyone else at their own expense, is an example of one who has forgotten to receive and, thus, has run out of steam. 

Taking care of self and the basic needs allows one to build a formidable supply of inner resources from which to serve the world. When viewed through this lens, me first is absolutely necessary. 

This song was written when I traveled with Hay House author, Sonia Choquette. We used it in workshops to remind others about the importance of self care. In the key of Bm it is a Sacral Chakra song. This chakra is where fear is held, where the abuses and wounds of life are stored energetically, where cradle our creativity, passion, and sensuality. Keeping this clear and supported will give us our unfettered child self back to enjoy life on authentic levels.

Use this song as a personal anthem to remind you of the necessity fro keeping your own engine purring...
SONG LYRICS:  Take Good Care of Me                      

I must take good care of me
I must take good care of me
Give my Love to every moment
Set my power free
Nurture with compassion
Every Holy Cell in me
As this I know, I shall grow

      ©2000. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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