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Let's just say that my relationship with my Mother was a turbulent one. Sure, there were many beautiful things. But, there were also some consistent struggles we had to move through. She was approaching her 68th birthday in 1996, and I wanted to create a song for her. I had only written two others in the 10 years that I was actively writing. She had recently taken to calling me "precious." Every time I heard it, I shuddered and felt some deep release in my belly. I knew there was some stuff there. Honestly, I never felt treated as if I were, it just pissed me off. I was also doing some inner work and one day after a particular revealing and releasing session, I had an opening. I realized that this precious thing was important to her, perhaps a way for her to atone for some of the things that had happened. She liked saying it, and I got it. SO, I simply decided to be open to it. In a flash, I realized that it actually was a word that I had really wanted to hear for most of my life. So, there it was...and so I wrote this song about Mama's Love, and made sure to include "precious." I did play it for her in church one Sunday morning a few years later. It was lovely to see her moved to tears...precious, indeed.
I'm a man in his 40's like, to think I'm independent
Get along fine on my own
A self-employed entrepreneurial success
Always got a place to go
But sometimes the little boy inside, he feels so overwhelmed       
And the boy picks up the phone
Mama's love, mama's love, come wrap your arms around me
Mama's love, I'm feeling alone
Call me precious, call me baby  
Tell me that I'm really something
Tell me "Baby, you can always move home"
In a world of constant changes, this one thing is sure
Mama and her love will be home
Me and mama had our struggles, we had our miscommunications
I thought she was into control
I got angry, pointed fingers, I walked away defiantly
I didn't need her no more
But each time the little boy inside he halted the man
And the boy picked up the phone

Long long ago, the Lord he made the sweet sweet love
Wondered where's that love gonna grow
I need fertile ground to nurture it
Tenderness and soft caresses, Warm hearts and unselfish souls
So to the Mothers it was given To this day right there it's livin'
A Mother's Love is God's pure gold   (Vocal scat)
Look around everybody take a look at one another
We've all got a story to tell
'Bout that woman who gave us
Life and all its miracles
The one we each drove through hell
When the world is making faces 
When you're knocked right off your throne
Let your little one pick up the phone  for
...Mama's love mama's love come wrap your arms around me
Mama's love take me home
       © C. AUGUST 31, 1996. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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