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Peace Will Fill the World CD

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Peace has been the dream of all life…returning to the Source where all is well. Our cells are filled with memories of lifetimes of conflict and unrest. The yearning is real. It comes down to personal choice, becoming clear enough energetically to make conscious choice to live peace full. These songs are reminders to return to the awareness that opens the inner door to choosing peace over anything else. It is up to you and me. Being lulled into believing there is only war is no longer acceptable. Turn inward by using these songs to create the fertile ground for love, acceptance, cooperation, and support. Be the peace that you seek…by singing your way into that knowing.
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Find out below how this recording can positively impact your vibration, health, and spirit
The idea of peace floats out there like the carrot in front of the donkey, motivating movement forward but yet, not finding the manifestation of the real peace we desire and deserve by design. Humanity has been duped by the specter of fear and the incessant programming that keeps most feeling unsafe, threatened, and in a heightened state to protect at any cost. It was said during the last great Peace Movement when the first Iraq invasion took place, you cannot kill for peace. Arming for conflict cannot force a peace on others, it simply postpones the inevitable war.

Universal principles and laws are in play here. That which we focus upon becomes that which likely manifests in form before our eyes. Countries invest in a war machine that hopefully is big enough to dissuade a potential perpetrator upon us. Leaders preach one thing to the people and then make laws and grease palms behind the closed doors.The Piscean form of humanity has been invested in war. Period.

But these are rapidly changing times and the higher vibrations are inviting each soul to move to create a state of inner peace. To call the inner waters is to project out into the world a smooth equilibrium. When enough tend their own inner peace garden then true world peace will make manifest. These songs remind us that peace is an inside job primarily. Release the reservoir of anger and self hatred to change the vibration that gets sent outward. Choose peace full moments so that will magnetize more of the same.

The songs call for variations on the theme. There are many ways to contribute to a loving world. Change your beliefs. There can be a world beyond war. Develop and contribute to the One Mind that claims the peace for all. Love Your Enemies and heed the Course in miracles when it reminds that everything is a call for love.Chant the Hawaiian peace chant Ele Ele Tau Mai and feel the sweeping wave that replaces the stress. Believe what Sunshine says when it offers that every step I take is the best one...and that life will keep a rollin' if I just keep a-knowin' that I am always on the sunny light side of things.

Make peace by living peace. Yes, it does involve doing things differently. But aren't you really ready for that anyway.

1.One Mind
2.All I Want for Christmas
4.Love My Enemies
5.Comes Back
6.Ele Ele Tau Mai
7.Pray for Peace
9.Peace Will Fill the World
10.I Am at Ease
11.If It Doesn’t Bring Peace
12.A World Beyond War
13. Sunshine
My music has all been thoughtfully created to serve intentional vibrational frequencies. As all is vibration, it follows that specific vibrations can serve specific purposes. The body is made up of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, and systems all vibrating at certain frequencies that create form, function, and degree of alignment. When energy flow is restricted by the moments of living then vibrational frequencies change, usually diminishing. The restrictions create blockages which can create conditions that demand conscious attention for the purpose of clearing to return to the state of balance.
I write with vibrational intention to create results by resonating with the cells to stimulate them to realign. By choosing song keys that focus on the chakras, I am sending like frequencies to a place that holds the energetic remnants of the blockages. By further aligning rhythm, melody, harmony, and lyric, I provide a powerful medicine to invite and escort the body’s return to wholeness.
Each song is a specific tool that will address an energetic frequency. In a sense, it is an energetic musical prescription created to heal. By gathering like intentioned songs into a collection it creates a powerful resource to assist you in reawakening and changing the forms of your life.
The Musical Prescription Sets are a complete immersion in the theme behind it. Listening to the songs regularly is powerful medicine. Singing along with them is the completion of a circle of intentional healing that will eventually replace systemic thoughts and behavioral patterns that contributed to the condition. Reclaiming health, balance, and center is a conscious choice that requires action. This music is the perfect companion for your reclamation project that will bring you home to You.
Look for the Musical Prescription Logo above for recordings that follow the principles of Sound Alchemy.

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01 One Mind

02 All I Want For Christmas

03 Heartbeat

04 Love My Enemies

05 Comes Back

06 Ele Ele Tau Mai

07 Pray For Peace

08 Freedom

10 I Am At Ease

11 If It Doesn't Bring Peace

12 World Beyond War

13 Sunshine