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Musical Prescription Set 15 Downloads: Youth Program Resources

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Musical Prescription Set 15: Youth Program Resources

Musical Resources for Youth Programs. Empowering songs that can be used as a Sunday Morning Sequence (15 total), as community dancing, or to support an appreciation ritual, the Angel Wash. All songs are singable, repetitive as an empowering message, and proven to be effective in hundreds of youth events through the years.

Sunday Morning Sequences, Sunday Morning Sequences 2, Sunday Morning Sequences 3,
We Circle Around, Songs for an Appreciation Ceremony

Click on the name link below each CD to get more information and hear song samples.

Sunday Sequence 1

Sunday Sequence 2
Theme Series CD, Musical Sequences for Youth Programs Vol Three, by Mark Stanton Welch from Musical Prescription Set Fifteen. Click for samples.
Sunday Sequence 3
Theme Series CD, We Circle Around, by Mark Stanton Welch from Musical Prescription Set Fifteen. Click for samples.
We Circle Around

Your purchase receipt will have download links for all of the CDs as individual MP3 files packed in a zip file. Each CD will have a companion code to enter when you go to download. In some cases simply clicking on the link will enter the code at the store.

You will have to unzip each of the 5 downloaded CD collections. Depending on your format, this process will vary. For a PC computer please useWINZIPor its equivalent to do so. The program is follow the link.
There is aMAC equivalentto Winzip thatcan be downloaded by following the link as well.

For Android phones you will have todownload this APPor an equivalent first.

Finally, for the iPhone,here is the linkto an iOS version.

I suggest that you unzip each CD into a file titled something likeMark Stanton Welch Musical Prescriptions,with each theme in its own folder. All of the unzipped MP3 songs will be then able to play.

You have an initial 96 hour window with a max 10 attempts in which to open your zip files. Please download them as soon as you can. You will always have access to your purchase. Contact me at the number below for any necessary extensions.

Concerns, questions or customer services issues can be addressed at 1.877.427.5855 or atCustomer Service...or search Google/YouTube for the How To for your device.

Enjoy the music and the expanding vibration that will surely follow!

Blessings and Gratitude,
Mark Stanton Welch

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