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My Life Is My Message Song MP3 Download

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Everything that has occurred since your moment of incarnations has served to create the you of this now moment. You are your own living message. Your vibration precedes you and impacts all those you come into contact with. Home that vibration with unwavering Love. Love and learn...over and over. Let that Light that is your True Vibration be your calling card. Make your pledge to you on all levels and be sure to bless all the forms of your moments. You made them matter how they first appear. It's all God!
I am here to love and learn
And I am here to serve
I shall let my Light go shining
Through my deeds and words
My life it is my message
My life it is my song
To this Light I pledge my moments
Bless this path I’m on

 © 2001. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.

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