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New Vibration CD Song DL: A Gathering of Hearts

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In 2012 I was called to the Northwest to serve as musician for the Northwest Region of Unity Ministers Annual Gathering. We used the sacred land above the Columbia River at the retreat grounds of Minuka to serve our time together. I was asked, upon arrival, to create a song right away for the first circle gathering to happen in three hours time. Of problem. I had learned by then to trust the first blush of creativity and run with it. On the wings of my unwavering trust creative spirit has always delivered. I was given a haunting melody in Em, of course, to bring the land into our hearts to unify as community. In that frequency the individual hearts would align and deliver the very best to those in attendance. I love how the flow feeds the waiting, open heart and mind. Thank you, Spirit...

SONG LYRICS:  A Gathering of Hearts

When Love makes Her call
We arise and gather at the river
To cleanse and renew
And to witness the Light in us all
With my feet on the Earth
I reawaken to the memory of me
In this Openness I reconnect
With you effortlessly
It’s a gathering of hearts
You and Me
 © 2012. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.


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