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New Vibration CD Song DL: Love Is All

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An original intentional song/chant that was a statement of Celestial Truth affirming the foundation of the All That Is in Love. The human journey can be spelled as a journey of remembering the truth of Our Being. After all the familial and cultural programming that sends us to the human wilderness, we eventually are guided by Higher Hands back to our Celestial foundation that re-establishes that we are only Love, nothing more...nothing less. The song is in the visionary key of A which vibrates in the Third Eye. As we revision ourselves we are guided to release the energetic debris of moments lived to infuse with the pure Love vibration. When we do this we unify with Whole Self and experience once again, the Oneness. 

I let go of pictures
Made up through my life
I reclaim the pictures
Implanted by Light
I know Love is All
Love is All
Love is All there Is
Nobody ever told me everything
Was made of Love just Love
And everywhere I’d see
All That I Am I Am
So I reach out I reach in
I breathe out I breathe in
I claim the sweet
Love That I Am
I like the idea of knowing that
The more I let go the more Love
Flows to me and through me
all around

© 2012. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.


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