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Peace Will Fill the World MP3 Song Download: Heartbeat

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A short, repetitive song is like a chant or a mantra. It's power comes in the message, the melody, the feel, and the repetition. It is designed to get the conscious mind out of the way and open the entry into the right brain subconscious to establish a new perspective. I have written hundreds of these for a variety of situations and uses. In some ways they show themselves energetically at a particular event. As a creative, my role is to reach out and grab what is there and manifest it into form with little adjustment, for it provides the best representation of the existing energy and the bigger picture infused in the energy. Over and over I have seen how these "spontaneous creations" capture the vibration that serves to unify and elevate the event itself.

It was towards the end of the time when I was partnered with author Sonia Choquette at a Six Sensory Training in Chicago. The teaching had moved into working with the heart space. I had already written a host of songs about the heart focus and the power of that chakra, but none of them fit. So, I picked up the guitar and, because it was a heart focus, I chose the key of F, with a twist. The major chord is a stronger way to present the power of the topic. I wanted the power to be softened by the expansive nature of the love in the heart chakra. If I went to the minor I would make it too introspective. I needed the I landed on that favorite sound of mine, the major seventh.This deeply expansive and spiritual interval does something to the listener....opening them up to be more receptive, but also more present. It was a flowing feel that moved from the Fmajor7 to an open Eminor7 to a Dm7 with the suspended second that creates anticipation, to the solid G major that allowed the rising up of the lyric higher, higher...perfect.

The moment I fed the simple lyric to the pattern I knew it was potent...the more it played the more it opened me to a sweet place of delight. That is the purpose of this song, to open, expand, and seed the beauty of the Love frequency into those openings. It creates a fertile place for the next moment to walk in to...very receptive and very majestic. Put this one on loop and listen for as long as you can. It will give you your center back and direct you with nurturing to your personal place of peace. 
Heartbeat angels all around me
Open me up
Like the flower to the sunlight
A new way of being
A new way of seeing
Higher higher

                     ©1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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