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Peace Will Fill the World MP3 Song Download: I Am at Ease

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Somewhere back in the mid 80's I was asked by the Unity of San Luis Obispo, CA minister, Leona Evans, to create some music to support her work with the Enneagram, a process where numbers represent particular characteristics of human personalities. I studied it a bit to get the flavor, and the next thing you know, 10 short, repetitive, chant-like, singable songs popped out. I took this one and altered some of the words to fit the idea of being in a peaceful place. It uses the minor pentatonic scale, a scale that is ancient and is typically felt by most humans in the heart, leaving a sort of winsome, calm feeling. As you can see and hear, the lyric goes very well with that scale and the feel of the song. In the key of B it stimulates the crown chakra and facilitates the download of Celestial wisdom to soften the personal moments of living.


I am at ease I am at peace
I am serene
I’m as God made me
The wind is calm
Everywhere I go
With a quiet strength
That sings within me
I can trust the rhythmic flow
1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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