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Peace Will Fill the World MP3 Song Download: Love My Enemies

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Most of the world's religions say something like "love your neighbor/enemies/everybody". It is a beautiful and celestial thought...though it is curious how it has played out up until now. Groups unified in thought and perspective/purpose typically view their way as gospel and often do what is needed to spread their word to others regardless of the receptivity. Human history is replete with coercians, manipulations, brainwashes, wars, atrocities, genocides...often at the hands of these same religions that speak of loving one another in their Sunday morning practice. Curious...

Forcing ones' will on another is a fear based act. Groups align around a frequency, a doctrine that speaks to others of the same woundings/beliefs. Likely the solution doctrine they project has to do with the collective wound. Feeling less powerless in the umbrella of the group consciousness, they can take out their resentment and rage on another group that likely represents the original perpetrator in some way. As anger and rage is a mask emotion, there is likelihood that the fear of personal annihilation is seeding that fear. Revenge is sweet for the unaware, the wounded, the manipulated. 

Killing for peace will never deliver the goods...peace. The energetic undercurrent will always infiltrate the actions of one who has been subjugated...and they, too, will get even, bust out of the shackles, kill the one's responsibile for their misery. You get the picture.

So, where does peace begin...yes...from within. As the cosmic law establishes that the outer reflects the inner we have a constant manifestation of the state of who I am inside. Find the struggles, the battles, the wars inside and you are on your personal road to peace. Our outside forms and the subsequent experience of them is based on perspective and choice. One who is uninformed plays out the knee-jerk response to what is going on inside over and over...sure, it may feel good for a moment but it just does not go anywhere

there are those who really hurt me with the things they do and I call them my enemies...they're just showing me a part of me I won't embrace and when I hate them, I hate me

This song is like a mosquito, buzzing around us in a driving pulse in the key of E flat, that land between emotion and action. It is in the relative minor G as it must be a message that is deeply internalized to access the woundings needing to be cleared. Gm7 to Gm6, a half step at a time over and over, pushing against our resistance until we break...that's when the chorus kicks in, in the major, establishing the solid foundation for taking action consciously...gonna love my enemies, love my enemies, like I do my friends...

Our inner world first, then the world at large, will change by personal awareness, choices, and actions that clear the struggle on the inside. Are you your own worst enemy? Then do something about it...find the beauty...reclaim your capacity to self love...then you can be authentic in the world.

There are people in my life
That I call my friends
And you know we have a
Really good time
We might have a little problem
Or a big argument
But I know that everything
Will be fine
Then there are those
Who really hurt me
with the things they do
I call them my enemies
There’re just showing me a part of me
I won’t embrace
And when I hate them I hate me
             I’m gonna love my enemies
             Love my enemies
             Like I do my friends
When somebody tries to hurt
or harm me
I know they got some problem inside
And I can fight back hard
Turn around and run
Or I can listen with my
Heart open wide
‘Cause they are really calling out
For just a little bit of love
For somebody who cares
And it doesn’t do me one ounce
Of harm
To let ‘em know that I’ll be there
I’m gonna love my enemies
Love my enemies
Like I do my friends
Because a little bit of love
will go a very long way
To heal the hurting life
A little bit of love
May be the only way
To make a problem right
You see we’re living in a world
Built on greed and war
But that’s not the way
It has to be
Each of us here can start
To make a change
By throwing out the word “enemy”
And we can choose to live
In brotherhood and harmony
And to meet each other with love
Just think about a world
Where everybody here
Gives hugs instead of
Pushes and shoves

                      ©1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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