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Peace Will Fill the World MP3 Song Download: One Mind

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Somewhere along the way in 1987 after I had participated in the August Harmonic Convergence at Mt Shasta in Northern California with 2000+ other Light Workers who had no real idea what it was all about (the initial Celestial event that activated the meridian lines and the crystal grid in the Earth to usher in the 25 year cycle of profound vibrational change that would culminate with the movement through the portal on December 21, 2012 to announce the actual entrance into the next Astrological epoch, the Age of Aquarius) I became even more interested in the intention of Peace.

A man from Austin, Texas, author William Randolph Price, known for his work with angels (guite radical at the time) had fabricated the notion that if everyone held a pure intention at the same time around the world, then a profound change might occur. He proposed the World Peace Meditation where at a specific time all would focus on and participate in a meditation for peace. In San Luis Obispo, California at the Unity Church we found our time was at 4 AM on January 31st. A handful of us gathered to participate...and so began a yearly ritual that I personally experienced and even led for almost 10 years. 

When we first did it, it didn't feel like much, just as being on Mt Shasta didn't really feel like much...but these were essentially good faith moves by enough humans that a bell was sounded across the heavens, so to speak. The collective gatherings had simultaneously set a vibration in motion. The more this happened the greater the energy felt and by 1989 results were seen around the world: collapse of the Berlin Wall and the significant shift in South Africa's Apartheid. We were starting to taste the result of focused intention for higher frequency purpose. It was a very exciting time for the ones drawn into it around the world.

With the advent of the succession of the corporate wars that the US engaged in under the Bush family there was an urgency for countering the aggression with higher frequencies of peace. In San Luis Obispo, there were actual peace gatherings. I wrote music and sang and got to feel what it was like to be united in a common cause. It was inspirational. This song, One Mind, was my nod to the original intention of the World Peace Meditations. It is a curious piece. In the Crown Chakra key of B, it is an attempt to shower the peaceful intent from the Celestial ones into the minds, hearts, and bodies of the humans who were becoming receptive. Just think of 2 billion people with one clear vision in mind... 

We were in the frontier of applying consciously Universal principles and laws. These were fresh and dynamic and our efforts showed results. But, mostly, as you see from the songs that make up this Peace themed CD, it all came down to what was going on inside of each person...more than any gathering or movement or rebellion. Universal principle taught that the outer reflects the inner. SO it was the inner state of personal chaos, and criticism, and judgement,that was destroying inner peace that was being projected out into the!...more on this later.

That is not to say that the energy of an intentional gathering was without purpose. It kept the focus going and was useful to keep you and me and the host of others inspired...and we all felt like we were doing something special and necessary...peace, yes...peace in our time...together together together we keep it alive...

Just experience this song and see where it takes you...

It’s in the song of the Ancient Mother
In the breath of the forgotten ones
It’s in the heart of the creatures
Who color this plain
It’s in the hope of all
children to come
             Peace, yes
             Peace in our time
             Together together together
             We keep it alive
In our tribes we have
Wandered the deserts
Seeking the Infinite One
Now we stand at a time
When all humankind
Must sing out,
“We have overcome”
             Peace, yes
             Peace in our time
             Together together together
             We keep it alive
             Just think of 2 billion people
             With one clear vision
             In mind
             Releasing power so pure
             And so strong
             That no man can resist
             That no one can resist
             That the world can resist                  No more
So open wide
We can be One Mind
Let us be One Mind
We have talked about
We have laughed about it
We have hid behind it
We have lived without it
Now it’s time to be
One Mind
Are you willing to be someone
Are you willin to cross that line?
Are you willing to move
With the faith of a child?
Are you willing to let war die?
Peace, yes
Peace in our time
Together together together
We keep it alive

                   ©1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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