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Peace Will Fill the World MP3 Song Download: Pray for Peace

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Prayer is an interesting thing. There are many types of prayer: guidance, support, desired outcome, gratitude, healing, a change of form, a request for Godly assistance in smiting down ones' enemies. Wars are typically entered with each side beseeching God to favor them. Athletes thank God when they succeed but not when they fail...curious.Countries say my God is better than, stronger than, cooler than, your God...curious.

So, as I started gathering perspectives around peace for this CD, I had to turn to prayer because it so often put out there as a means to the end peace...but because of the personal intent and the perspective from which it is delivered, it feels more like a sham, a manipulation, a last resort. Perhaps, if there was a collective acknowledgment of One Source which all pray to there might be some results in line with the wish. That is where I came from on this song.

Often prayer does come as a last resort request, a desperate move, when all else seems hopeless. That's where the first verse starts in this kind of state of the world scenario.And from this place, and here is where I divert from the status quo, we pray to all beings, the complete Source, instead of our personal favorite. For in this choice we open to and hopefully affirm the unified collective that humanity eradicate the fearful need to control and avenge another. It is a call for the re-union of all, a deep inner knowing that permeates us all, regardless of country, race, sex, or religion. 

I put the song in B flat, which resides between the Crown Chakra B and the Third Eye A . It seeds the vision with the Celestial in a conscious way. I use the 1 6 2 5 chord pattern that fed the 50's and the 60's music to provide a familiar framework in which to seed the new perspective. Listen and see where it takes you. Then listen again...see what opens up. See if you see the other with a different eye, one wrapped in the heart based big love. Why not, my friend? 

I’m not sure what is true anymore
It’s a world with addiction to war
Is it terrorist threats or oil or greed
Is it standard of living
or children to feed
We are all humans
we’re one single race
But beliefs and borders
have turned us away
I’m down on my knees
and I’m turning within
I’m taking a breath and I slowly begin
       To pray I pray for peace
       To Mohammed and Jesus
       Jehovah and God
       To Krishna to Shiva
       to Buddha and Allah
       To the Source of us all
       with no name and no face
       I’m calling for union
       I’m calling for grace
       To turn off the hatred
       the fear in the heart
       To open all humans
       to what we all are
       Brothers and sisters
       united by life
       Let us remember
       please open all eyes
       Let the Love we are
       come raining down
       And wash this hatred from us now
       Let the peace begin...I pray
We can alter  this world that we see
If we change from within our belief
No matter the form
that’s laid at our feet
Just hold to the vision
of all people free
Though bombs they are falling
and guns they resound
Hold to the vision
and see them laid down
Call to the Power that feeds us inside
The unwavering Truth that cannot die

I will pray for peace
With each breath I take
I will pray for peace in
each word I say
I will pray for peace
when the bombs they fall
I will pray for peace.
Peace for us all
                       ©1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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