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Personalized Sound Alchemy Treatment Download

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Here in early May of 2020 we are navigating profound expansive times that are shaking and shifting the very foundations upon which we have functioned as individuals and a s a collective for as long as most of us can remember. Vibrationally, there is significant oscillation of what is called your personal frequency to cleanse, renew, realign, recharge, and reactivate your true vibrational signature that contains your esoteric blueprint and template. You are advised to immerse yourself in this flow, this gift of a loving Cosmos to wake up to you…please consider letting me assist you in getting a jump on the new life that is pulling you in all directions…Mark Stanton Welch

What is involved?
1. A 30-45 minute phone interview to determine a starting point based on who, what, and where you are right now.
2. I will take this information and intuit a program containing some or all of the following elements:
A. Specific chakra alignment treatment to clear or amplify your current chakra frequencies.
B. Specific tuning fork treatments for organs and glands and energetic systems
C. Support and empowerment chants and mantras
D. A set of intentional songs to walk with you in these transitions
E. Spoken word treatments to cleanse and clarify your thought/belief storehouse to step into much higher vibrational integrity with your design
F. Provide a means to call forth and access relevant personal celestial guidance
G. Provide a set of specific high frequency gratitudes to attract like frequency experiences
H. A personal Movement rhythm with which to create relationship
I. 3 Take Action Suggestions
J. Select tonal treatments that may include bi-naural beat subliminals and audibles infused with scalar waves
3. Your personalized Sound Alchemy Treatment will be assembled in 3-5 days.
4. A link to download your treatment program will be sent to you upon completion.
5. If, desired the program can be put on a CD or a Flashdrive for a small additional charge for materials and shipping.

This brand new sound alchemy treatment is inspired by the swiftly moving energies of these early 2020 times. The support that is washing over and through us is stirring our personal reservoirs of the unprocessed/unspoken moments of living that have compromised us and directed us to beliefs and patterns of living a life far short of our potential and our design.
This Cosmic intervention is a supreme gift that will free us up to become aligned with our true design…at last. Sound is the common element that forms and sustains and maintains all life. Conscious application of sound principles can alter the way life unfolds and redirect how you respond to that which is brought to your own altar of awareness.
Be in the first wave of those experiencing these new techniques of personal amplification to consciously walk in your eternal life template while being in the physical.
Secure this brand new process at an introductory special half off price of $100.
When we move out of stay in place and usher in the next phase the price will return to $200.
Let’s do this together…click the button above and, after the interview call, you will have your treatment within a week.

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