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Power Power Chant Song MP3 Download

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For awhile in the early 90's, I was into Native American chants. I loved the beat and the feel and the intervals of the melodies. They spoke to me on a deep level...past life stuff most likely. This extended chant was in support of a workshop on personal power I was facilitating. I wanted something to engage the group and unify them with the repetition of the word, "power". I wanted to seed the concept of the spiritual nature of Universal Power and that we all had the same access to the infinite resource...if we were of like mind and subsequent action to claim it and flow in and with it.

It's an E minor song that unifies throat and Solar Plexus chakras to activate the Earth connection to flow up the left side through the foot and leg to augment the constant Earth support resource. It is a strong invitation to engage power, breathe it in, create a reciprocal relationship with it.

In retrospect, we succeeded in create the power ambiance to launch and sustain that workshop and beyond. Experience this chant and sing along with it. Make it yours...memorize the words...take your action and become the expanded YOU.

Weaving through this Universe
In and out of time Power power
Always and forever Power power
The Holy I Am Mind Power Power…
Gentle as a whispered breath Power Stronger than resistance Power power
Lost through fearful thinking Power Power
Reclaimed through persistence Power
Deep in me deep in you Power power Enough to fill us all Power power
Allow it embrace it Power power
Watch the shadows fall Power power
Fill me clear me heal me steer me
Through my moments all
Breathe it in breathe it in Power Power
In thy solar plexus hold Power power
Send it out to every cell Power power
Let thy true self unfold Power power
Now in transformation Power power
See through lighted eyes Power
Far beyond potential Power power
Let the old ways die Power power
Facing down the enemy Power power tearing down the wall Power power Reaching through the silence Power Answering the call Power power
Fill me clear me heal me steer me
Through my moments all

               İMarch 11, 1998. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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