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Psychic Pathway MP3 Song: Chakras

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Here in this body lie seven wheels
Of energy spinnin’ like an automobile
Clear and clean they seek to stay
But when they don’t, it’s disarray
             Round and round they roll
             Round and round they roll
             Fed by the Light of   
             Heaven and Earth
             Round and round they roll
Here in the root, number one
The seat of survival
Where life is spun
Just below the navel number two
Where sexuality and emotion collude
             Round and round...
In the solar plexus, number three
Home of will, decision and creativity
There in the heart, number four
Where love lies, it’s the God Light core
             Round and round...
             Red, orange, yellow,                         green and blue
             Indigo, violet hue
             Colors swirl in a        
             rainbow wash
             Reveal the Holy you
Here in the throat, number five
Reception and expression of the psychic vibe
Right between the eyes, number six
See beyond the boundaries,
Lickety split
Round and round...
Right up on the top,
The Holy Crown
Feel the Universal energy
Pourin’ down
Open ‘em up’ along the spine
You, my friend, so Divine
Round and round
Spin those wheels away
Cruise on down
The sacred road
The energy highway
Spin the little chakras
Spin the wheels

                         ©1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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