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Psychic Pathway MP3 Song: Checkin Out the Weather

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Being aware is foundational in psychic work. That awareness allows you to tend to the unique form of the moment. And it allows you to receive the subtle whispering of spirit that can occur in response to your openings. It can even direct on the tinglings of a feeling or sensation. Remember, you were made for this. So be aware...always in all ways.

This song invites you to always check out the weather in your moments. Doing so will allow you respond in like frequency, which is the basis of intuitive living. Trusting your own weather report and acting on its validity opens many, many doors. 

I have always liked music of the 30's with the Rudy Vallee-esque vocals sung in a megaphone with that nasal why not make this song in that flavor?  I did... If you want to tune into the subtlety and really get masterful at working the Vibe, then this song may be a welcome companion to making that happen. Just sayin'...sing it in the style of Rudy and tickle your own pituitary and pineal centers into action ( really?) yup...

Tut Tut...looks like rain. You know just what to do, don't you?!
I put my hands out
Turn my heart on
Take a deep breath
Checkin’ out the weather
May be some rain
May be sunshine
Really doesn’t matter
Cause it’s gonna be, gonna be
Tuning into subtlety
Learning how to work with the vibe
          ©1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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