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Psychic Pathway MP3 Song: Crown of Permission

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We have been down so long that we find ourselves needing permission to get up and get ourselves a new direction of thriving. That is a big statement. And though it may not apply en masse I have the feeling that it does because humans have not really known what they don't know. In other words, the true design has been kept in that box awaiting discovery in our inner basement so we have no idea just how amazingly magnificent we are by design. 

So, here I go, the wizard of wizards, the permission granter to the rich and famous, the lost and lowly, and the all that lies between...I give you full permission to become that which you have always been. And to seal the is your very own crown. Beautiful. Fetching. Handsome., away...go be you!

And when you have found and integrated the whole true you come on back home to the castle that is waiting for you. The Cosmos has been redone and redecorated to fit and complement this new you. Now there is the life you were born for...reclaiming the Whole You...and so mote it be...

Into this life like wind I rode
Willing and ready to flow
Eager to learn the lessons
I had chosen
Somewhere I lost the road the way
Somehow I lost the known
A castle it beckons
I’ve got to return to my soul
       For therein lies
       The crown of my permission
       O’er mountains and deserts
       And oceans and valleys
       I go
       Return to my self
       My one and only mission
       Return to myself
       That will make me whole
                   ©1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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