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Psychic Pathway MP3 Song: Goin on a Trip

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Nothing like a good old country tune to get the juices flowing. Let's go on a trip! The stage is leaving town...get on board! When you dance in the psychic realms you can see it as a series of special trips that will take you where you are ready to go. Don't be the accidental tourist, rather, be there with bells and whistles on, ready for adventure.

And please remember to pack the essentials. Your doing so will prepare you for the anything that awaits.

Goin' on a trip...don't know where but I'll soon be gone. Now that is living with absolute trust. And I can think of no cooler place to be...giddy up!
       Goin' on a trip, gettin' ready
       Don't know where
       But I'll soon be gone
       Goin' on a trip , gettin' ready
       Gatherin' everything
       I need to take along
Got to take my meditation
Keep my mind real clear
Listen to that inner voice
It's subtle soft and here…
Right now I'm
Got to grab my psychic journal
Write down what occurs
The weird, the strange, it's all uncensored
Soon awareness turns.…
I'm on a high road
Take a moment to explore
Reflect on what I've learned
Filter out the heebie jeebies
Let resistance burn...I'm goin' higher

                ©1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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