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Psychic Pathway MP3 Song: Help Me

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Guide access 101...section 1A...rule 1.01.2 Ask for help. Unless you do they will not come. Only exception is your Guardian Angel. They are bound by Law to be there for you in times of need. Otherwise, the rest of them hang out doing video games until you ask for assistance.

There you go. Funny thing that humans aren't so good about asking for help. There is this underlying belief that they have to do it all themselves. Cool...and many can...but many could use a little (lot of) support to smooth out the moments of living.

There was a cartoon growing up, Rocky and Bullwinkle. In it was a another cartoon involving Sherman and Mr. Wizard. Sherman would always go out into adventures to find himself in deep water. To get out of it and save himself he called out the words, "My Wizard"!! And the wizard would  incant "Drizzle drizzle drozzle drone Time for this one to come home". Then plop, Sherman would fall from the unknown back to being with the Professor Wizard.

When you have reached a place where assistance would help you survive or thrive, call your own Mr. Wizard. Sing this song out loud with feeling...calling forth all beings aligned to your signature frequency...and then pay attention, as you must engage the help when it comes...or else...

Quit dancin' around and being Mr. Thanks but I can Manage...ask for help. Out loud. And then take the reaching hand. It doesn't have to be so damn hard, my friend.
Help Me, help me I’m calling you
Help me, help me I’m calling you
I know you’ve been there
Through all of my lives
Giving me guidance
Making me wise
I kept you hidden
I just kinda believed
But now I’m certain
You are here for me
And I’ve just gotta call
Just gotta call and you will
                       ©1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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