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Psychic Pathway MP3 Song: Travelin Light

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Several of the songs in this Psychic Pathway CD are about letting go and clearing the inner slate to activate the receptivity necessary to flow in the intuitive channels. Well, here's another. Lighten up. The journey feeds itself and provides you with all the supplies needed to thrive. Out of the darkness (ignorance), into the Light (applied knowing) my oh my what a glorious sight. Indeed, this is living...expansive and wide open...trusting and flowing...traveling baggage free...on to the next adventure.

Hey, hey, whadda you day? Accept, be free...skip to my is just child's play...weeeeee!!

Hey, hey, what do I say
I'm in love with life today
I forgive, I release
I accept, I Am free

       All those years
       I've been weighed down
       Carried my past
       From town to town
       Here and now I just let go
       Hand in hand with my soul
       What do you know?

  Out of the darkness into the Light
  My, oh, my what a glorious sight
  Skip to my loo, I'm going home
  And I'm traveling light
                    ©1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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