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Psychic Pathway MP3 Song: Where Does It Come From

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So much mystery has been placed around being psychic. Strange that something so natural by design would be made so unavailable to most (by belief, that is). The human mind rules the roost for now and is constantly distracted by the need to know the facts. So, this little country singalong tune was made to distract the distracted mind...back into focus. SIng it, make up a line dance...and the next thing you know you will be a practicing psychic who glides with the flow.

Try'll like it! And you will keep coming back...yeee haaawww!

 Where does it come from,
This psychic energy
How does it find
Its way inside to me?
Where does it come from,
This psychic energy
Tell me, tell me please
  From the subconscious mind
  A relaxed, receptive mind
  And from telepathic communication
  A focus into those of like vibrations
  From the superconscious  sea of energy
  A source that holds the answers
  To all that we may seek
  This guidance leaves you
  Reassured and relaxed
  You feel so good you always
  Want to go back, go back
              ©1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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