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Pure Love MP3 Song Download: One Earth...No Spare

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When this theme for Earth Day arrived in the early 90's, my heart was stirred. There was no better way to put it...the importance of conscious care, the necessity of doing so because there simply was no alternative, no planet in the closet to replace the wheezing one we now occupy.The song had to be heartfelt.

There was an initiative in California that year about the cutting of the majestic redwood trees. The initiative was about saving these powerful beings from clear cutting or other logging atrocities. The initiative was called Big Green...and it failed 2-1 at the polls. It was an empty feeling that filtered through the local and state-wide environmental movements. And it was in this scenario and sentiment that this song revealed itself to me.

The guitar said the key of G, the Throat Chakra key, the place where so many great folk songs, the songs of the people, were born. The song had a perpetual downward feel for two reasons: the first was that was how so many felt at the time, and secondly, because I wanted it to take us toward the Earth herself to access the misplaced power that we felt was missing...One Earth, no spare, One Earth still there, how long?

In the middle, I offer up some hope like I always do in the form of a false newscast, that all logging had permanently ceased in the redwoods as congress had had a sudden change of heart...yeah, make believe...but you really never know. 

The song is also a call to action to all of those who live in the NIMBY sentiment, not in my back yard. The choices around the earth impact everyone, everybody's back put one's head in the sand and pretend, serves no one, especially those who do it...for eventually we all must face the consequences of our choices, our actions...always given the opportunity to step into the higher frequency that celebrates all of life.

This song is still true. Situations change but the realities are still there...listen and feel deeply what faces us, one and all...still.
Big Green dies 2 to 1
Oh, God what have we done?
Ancient forests falling down
Money talks, money blinds
Money kills one more time
It won’t happen to us
I, too, have held that thought
Nestled in my own life
Blinders on, too much to do
Get ahead, step on you, oh
    One Earth, no spare
    One Earth, who cares?
    One Earth, no spare
    One Earth, still long?
The big revolution won’t come
For saving the Earth isn’t fun
It comes down to everyone
Making choice, taking part
Step by step, yard by yard
    One Earth, no spare
    One Earth, who cares?
    One Earth, no spare
    One Earth, still long?

                 ©1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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