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Pure Love MP3 Song Download: One Family

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My then wife, Erin Noble, and I had been involved with Earth Day celebrations from the early days when we got together in 1989. Every time we would support an event, we would put together new songs based on the year's theme. With the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, a Celestially inspired event that opened up the Earth'e meridian energetic grid, the door opened to the idea of Planetary Oneness. At this stage, it was more about the union of human and all other forms of Earth life. It was not yet about the Oneness of people yet, because most were unable to get their heads around that. With so much independence and attention to self, not necessarily for care, it seemed impossible and even undesirable for one to be connected in any way with the likes of "them," let alone one!

I created this fun, rolling song to start the unification of the world, so to speak. It became a standard in Sunday morning joy singing with the congregation at Unity of San Luis Obispo, California. The part of the eagle crying would always be met by high pitched eagle screeches rising from them. Lots of fun...lots of positive energy and planting of seeds.
Living on the earth
We are one family
Creatures of the earth
We are one family
I am in the rocks.
I’m in the leaves
I’m in the water, in the sky
And they are all right here in me
One family, one family, one family
    Listen to the wind
    As it sings of the circle
    Of the living
    Listen to the eagle as he cries
    To the heart of us all
    Listen to the rocks
    And the messages these
    Ancient ones are giving
    Listen to the sound that comes
    Rising from the Mother
    As she calls
    “Hi yi yi yo" (2x)
    One family (3x)

             ©1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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