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Pure Love MP3 Song Download: Save the Rainforest

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After 13 years of teaching in public schools as a 4th Grade teacher in Paso Robles, California, where I went to school as a boy, I spent one year as a guest teacher in a Peace focused school. It was with an eclectic and multi-aged group of children from families who were conscious of the bigger pictures of life, and wanted their own to be educated in a life different from the "norm." It was a curious and frivolous year, as the children who became my charges were collectively interested in creating and performing musicals...yes, musicals. So, I spent my time writing the five musicals, and staging them with these wonderful children. 

One of the plays carried the theme of the hundredth monkey idea, where, when enough believe the same thing, then a larger shift takes place to suddenly lift the awareness of the whole. So, this little girl became convinced that she could save the world...and, in her depth of commitment, went to sleep to become the hundredth monkey energy that did change the world. This song, Save the Rain Forest, was the song that she heard before she made the change, the very one to fire her up.

The song rolls in the key of A, firing up the Third Eye Chakra to set forth the new, essential vision to stop the raping and pillaging of our primary source of oxygen, the rain forests, just so there could be packaging and more meat for the fast food conglomerates. It describes the lush paradise of life contained in these remarkable ecosystems. It shouts, claims, inspires, and declares to save the rain can do a lot if you make choices now to support life affirming companies...and, yes, there is a growing number of conscious businesses that are discovering how to mutually benefit the pocketbook, the Earth, and all of life...who could ever think of harming, or do anything but love...the rain forest...
Luscious green belt at Equator
Circling the Earth
Bringing precious life
To everyone
Garden of the ancient trees
Some two hundred feet high
Storing energy from the golden sun
    Underneath the canopy
    Magical diversity
    Half the species now alive
    Mother Nature glorified
    So beautiful
    Who could ever think of harming
    Or do anything but love
    the rainforest
Water water everywhere
Oxygen to feed the air
Oldest ecosystem on the planet
Vines and orchids parrots monkeys
Cradles in the arms of the trees
Such a paradise
A forest enchanted
    Underneath the canopy
    You can feel the mystery
    Shaft of light comes
Streaming down
Can you hear
The haunting sounds
So beautiful
Who could ever think of harming
Or do anything but love
the rainforest
Save the rainforest
Save the rainforest
I have hoped and I have dreamed
That people would wake up to see
The importance of these trees
To one and all
I pray that I won’t live to see
The felling of the last tall tree
I won’t let that happen while
I am alive
Underneath the canopy
Fires burning endlessly
Cattle grazing lazily
Natives stare in disbelief
Who could ever think of harming
Or do anything but love
the rainforest
Save the rainforest… 

               ©1994. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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