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I've got a load of Irish in me to combine with that Greekness that gives me what I am in this incarnation. I called upon that lilt of the leprechaun to bring some purpose to this song about purpose. Sometimes it is just magic as we stumble upon some of reasons for the incarnation. Magic forces us to get out of our own way, get some distance between us and our favored routines. With fresh eyes we enter the realm of the glory day and are able to drink once again the sweetness that lives beneath the rainbow. Henceforth, we dance with our own precious I Am Self. Put on the curly shoes and find your pulse while you sing and do your improvisational jig. 

I finally found the Truth in me
It’s such a glory day
I’m dancin’ in The clover field
I have to celebrate
I drink the sweetness Of this Life
It nourishes me soul
The rainbow’s o’er The pot o’ gold
And to it I shall go
       I know my Deepest purpose
       I know I’ll be OK
       I know that God Is in me
       And all that I can say
       I Am, I Am,
       I Am, I Am

 © 2000. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.

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