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As I served as music director for Unity Church of San Luis Obispo, California from 1991-2005, I had many opportunities to write songs for the Sunday Morning talks. This was penned for the Easter Service. It is about the celebration of life that is inspired and revealed when one lets go of the struggles, and the thoughts, and forms. The feel, though it is a 6/8 Jazz Waltz, feels sort of 5/4 at the Dave Brubeck song, Take Five. I wrote it on a beautiful Kawai grand piano that was a part of that church. Sure do miss it...
Time to be singing time to be dancing
All the people say hallelujah
Voices together hearts so wide open
Love reigns upon us right here, right now
Spring, she sings new life a rainbow of color
Fragrance and beauty love all around
Stand up let go set your intentions
Freedom and power right here, right now
Lay down those crosses and burdens
Peel the worn out garment let it fall to the ground         
Lay down the crosses and burdens

Resu resu resurrection  Let Spirit resound
Release the pressure release the stressors
Release the thinking my friend break away
Reclaim your essence reclaim your power
Reclaim your birthright right here right now

Yes, to the freedom Yes to the power
Yes to the love I am right here right now
  © April 13. 1995. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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