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Self Care Free Resources Two:How-To Article: Clearing Energetic Cords

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The second of the Self Care Resources offered as a result of the energies in March 2020 as the world experiences a collective phenomena of dis-ease, A major part of our human anatomy is our energetic bodies that set a field around us to assist in regulating the flow of energetic in and out. When we interact with another living being energy is exchanged across these boundaries. If the boundary is weak then we can take away the connection that will continue to impact our own energy level. With humans there is often a sending of energetic cords to the lower chakras to draw on some of the energy resources you carry. It is not evil it is just people who are depleted looking for support. Over time, if these energy cords are not released they can begin to impact our well being.

In these fear driven times people are looking for any resource to help them make it through the moments. It is useful and wise and essential to shore up your own energetic field regularly through the day. This article will provide you with effective tools to do just that.

As with all of these Self care Resources, please share them with anyone and everyone to help us to all stay clear and clean energetically.

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