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Self Care Free Resources Six: How-To Article: Creating a Healing Ambiance

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This is the second of the Self Care Resources created in response to the March 2020 worldwide experiences that is seriously altering the way humans show up to living. In my viewpoint and experience sickness has more to do with beliefs and actions and thoughts and personal energetic history than germs and genetics. Our human physical body design is an amazingly complex and effective host for our spirit. The immune system in each of us is as effective as our level of self care and capacity to focus inward and respond.

Healing is a process that is served within and without.By addressing our external ambiance and setting we can create a powerful higher vibration that supports the specific inner forms of our own process. This article will help you to bring attention to the space you are living in and what you can do to shore up the greater vibration to nurture you back to alignment.

Please share this, as with all the Self Care Free Resources, with anyone and everyone. Higher frequency thinking and living will go far in assisting the awakening that is currently in process.

Please check out all of the How-To Articles that are part of the growing series, Tools for Conscious Living.
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