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Sound Alchemy Resources: Serene Soul CD (2012)

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Divine hands were at work in creating this CD. A friend who was going through a surgery wanted higher frequency music to support her healing. She called upon a doctor friend of hers who was also a psychologist and had done work with the music business. This friend reluctantly listened to the “New Agey Music” to put them in a sequence. The more she listened the more she connected until a story, a journey, began to take shape. She wrote down the elements of the story as vignettes, suggestions, a mind set for the listener. She then took it to a Northwest hospital where she convinced an associate in the therapeutic pool to use it. Some amazing things happened…vibrational healings and openings occurred consistently. This Cd can support you in a myriad of ways. It is predominantly instrumental.

Notes from narrative creator Dr. Cheryl Arrants, M.D., Ph.D….”There are times when instrumental music is all that's needed to bring about a healing of some kind. As a clinician I have studied music's effect on people for many years. While I initially created thisCD for Jan's private use, I do NOT compartmentalize myself. Therefore, as the music drove me, I began to see a story pattern ... one that could be both calming AND healing. Following the completed version of Serene Soul, I asked Jan if I could provide a single copy to a professional friend. She said yes.

Ed has been both a massage therapist, as well as a physical therapist, for over 28 years. You cannot begin to visualize the amount of "stuff" he gets on a daily/weekly basis, and that includes CD's and DVD's that claim to have magical/mystical powers of healing. Most of it just ends up in the trash where it belongs. But Ed knows me and he knows my work. He took the liner notes, as well as some verbal suggestions, and tried an experiment. It turned into a series of experiments conducted at a major university that is world-renowned for rehabilitation. His first attempt as he and I had discussed was with stroke patients. Too often these poor people have not only been stripped of their abilities to do what you and I take for granted, but their cognitive skills have also been compromised. Their emotions are usually quite erratic. The word "serene" is antithetical to a stroke victim ... usually.

Ed took a stroke patient into the hospital pool, applied the story, played the music, and asked the patient to do certain things in the water. Both of them came out of the pool CHANGED. I'm going to fast-forward here. Ed has quickly incorporated the use of Serene Soul (my words and the compilation of YOUR music) into large groups, much larger than hospitals would usually allow as therapy sessions with tremendous results. To ensure that the story plays an integral part of this therapy, Ed has attempted to use just the music, along with his usual therapeutic protocol on three separate occasions. Regardless of whether he was working with stroke patients or people with spinal injuries (with no cognitive disabilities), the results were chaos. In certain areas of our lives we appear to need "a storyline" to help keep us grounded so that we can follow the path of the music (this is NOT the same with people doing massage therapy ... UNLESS these people have suffered a trauma that prevents them from allowing the therapist to help relax the muscles that have been stressed).

I want you to know just how important your work has been/is to Ed, as well as to those who have received its benefits. I offer this compilation with a strong suggestion that it be aimed at healthcare professionals who understand just how potent a storyline can be when attempting to use music in a profoundly healing manner

Please remember that unless noted, all songs were previously released on another CD.
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1. Just Beyond the Now
2. Embracing the Shadow
3. Legacy of the Heart
4. Across the Waters
5. A Land of Infinite Possibilities
6. Sacred Path
7. The Child Emerges
8. The Blooming of the Lotus
9. The Feel of Balance
10. A Deep and Full Heart
11. A Presence Like Rain
12. Strength (vocal: Mark Stanton Welch)
13. Down the Road

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01 Just Beyond The Now

02 Embracing The Shadow

03 Legacy Of The Heart

04 Across The Water

05 The Land Of Infinite Possibilities

06 Sacred Path

07 The Child Emerges

08 Blooming Of The Lotus

09 The Feel Of Balance

10 Deep And Full Heart

11 A Presence Like Rain

12 Strength

13 Down The Road