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Serene Soul MP3 Song Download: The Child Emerges

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These special pieces of work by Mark Stanton Welch were specifically compiled by Dr. Cheryl Arrants, MD, PhD. They are intended to bring about not just serenity, but a sense of renewal.
The songs are intended to be used in conjunction with the narrative created by Dr. Cheryl, if the intention is to support the patient on their healing journey. It can be read by the therapist or a companion. The patient is to receive the music and the narrative with eyes closed, if possible, so they can take the journey themselves.
For now read slowly to allow the patient time to follow the guidance as if they are there.

Journey Narrative by Dr. Cheryl Arrants, M.D., PhD :

Seven:   You are entering the land that ever-was … immersed in a place not of soil or water.  Miracles abound.  Wonders are everywhere.  You discover a memory of all of this.  It’s faint but it’s there.  Calm, cheerful, even ecstatic, everything is fresh, clean, new / old.  Floating through time-gone-by, yet in the future, the longer you stay the more you begin to feel renewed, reborn.  You could stay here forever, but you know you won’t.  It is a breathtaking passage.  
    ©1995-2009.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.


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