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Shout the Four Directions Song MP3 Download

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It was in July of 1995 when I, as Music Director of Unity Church of San Luis Obispo, California, was called to create this song to assist in the unification of the growing congregation. I had just finished fabricating a native Medicine Wheel on the land where I lived in the Los Osos Valley, west of San Luis Obispo, so the Native idea of the four directions was on my mind. In the now familiar Native American key of E minor, I followed the strong pulsing of the quarter note to create the dance. It speaks of the characters and the energetic wash of the four directions and blends then with the native phrases as a collective chorus. When performed it soars and swirls all into the waiting arms of the Great Spirit. 
     Hey ee yay ee yay ee yo
     Hey ee yay ee yay ee yo
Shout the four directions
Touch the Earth and sky
In North and South And East and West
All Life is Unified
Standing at the center
In the balance of the wheel
Tell us of the vision
Tells us how you feel
Facing to the North
Where the Holy Vision lies
Feel the cold winter winds
That keep the Mother purified
Gathering the energy
To rise up in the Spring
Renewed in the Spirit
Hear the ancient voices sing

Looking to the East
To awaken from the sleep
Knowledge of the Spirit
Glides on eagle’s soaring wings
Seeing for the first time
The simple gifts of life
One with all creation
Dancing in the Light
Into the heat of Summer
Make the turn into the South
Through innocence explore
What this Earth is all about
Growing into Power
Through the trusting of the heart
While feet are firmly planted
Go reaching for the stars
Cycle of the seasons
Brings you finally to the West
Taking what you’ve learned
 to give this life your very best
Introspection brings you
The strength of all your years
Solid in direction
Your purpose crystal clear

            İOctober 13, 2002. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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