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Simple Living MP3 Song Download: As If

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Somewhere along the living highway I received an email with the words "Work as if you don't need the money/Love as if you never been hurt/dance as if no one is watching". I went, "there's a song right there!" I fleshed out the lyric and brought it fully into the New Thought frequency level and searched for a feel. I put it in the vision center key of A and then pulled out my best Billy Ray Cyrus vibe and created this New Age Achy Breaky Heart Anthem...Hot damn!

Sing this till your vocal cords are sore and then sing it with your blues voice. Do your own line dance and pull up your own country drawl to sell your yourself. Sooner than later you will transform into the living breathing expression of As If. Then you will know that what is now behind me is, indeed, now behind me. Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!

Live as if until you actually catch up to that truth.

Oh, and sing this as if you know you won't be heard. 'Nuff said, partner...
I’m gonna work
As if I don’t need the money
Love as if
I never been hurt
Dance as if
No one is watching
Sing as if
I know I won’t be heard
I have this moment
To be the all I Am
What’s done is now behind me
I can feel myself expand 
oh yeah

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