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Simple Living MP3 Song Download: I Can Tell

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This is a playful song, designed to connect people in a spiritually delightful way. It grew out of the need for a shift in energy during particularly intense classes on developing intuition. Getting people to step out of mind and get more into the body was a welcome break that helped clear energy as well. As we all learned to see and experience intuition as a natural element we began to see one another in more expansive ways. What first appears as an initial impression can expand into a bigger picture and a greater knowing. What shows up as so attractive can quickly turn into the recognition that it is one's spirit that is beginning to reveal itself.

I use this song all the time with all levels and ages of people I find myself working with musically. On a side note, the line "now you're thinking it's my package" was an innocent way of referring to the whole body( in an old way). Current vernacular, as I was later told, applies the word "package" to one's specific body parts located right around the root get the picture. I usually give a disclaimer and explain the situation, offering to replace the word with "body". And sometimes the group prefers it. And sometimes the original meaning is just what's needed to lift spirits and make the whole experience a delightful cleansing and connection.

I can tell that you’re lookin’
And you like what you see
Now you’re thinking’
It’s the package
But it’s my Spirit that you see
It makes you feel
warm and fuzzy
Makes you wanna
jump and play
So, won’t you take me
by the hand
Spirit moves this way

It goes la di la di la di
It goes mama, mama, mama
It says hey, hey, hey

It says ram-a-la-ma-ding-dong
It says wo, wo, wo, wo
Baby, baby, baby
I love you so

It says baby, baby, baby
Hallelujah, amen
Says glory hallelujah
Let’s sing it once again

1994-2009. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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