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Simple Living MP3 Song Download: I Feel the Fear

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It is a common New Thought expression to feel the fear and do it anyway. There you go...a built in participation song. In Em, a key that uses the throat chakra paired with the action center Solar Plexus, this song is a rollicking Hit the Road Jack chord progression that invites the participants to push through the fear resistance that has set up shop inside. Put two lines facing one another like the old dance, The Stroll, and invite participants to walk the resistance gauntlet to freedom. Those in line use their hands as the physical barriers representing the travelers inner fears. The traveler walks through and busts through each fear. This practical visceral release is potent and enough to deliver the participant into the trusting state.

This dance gets intense as it moves along and often must be interfered with to reestablish safety...all in fun.

Bottom line is that fear fades when facts are faced. Fear is a second chakra emotion that accompanies previous life moment woundings. That fear moves intentionally with sound and movement. This song will do that, regardless of whether you have a large group pf friends to dance it out. You can clear the fear pool on your own and get some good exercise in the process.

I feel the fear and do it anyway (4X)
Right here, right now
I’m free, so free

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