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Song from CD Puttin’ My Talent to Work: Living in You

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The world of work is a tricky one at best. On one hand we believe that we find some kind of work to make money to survive, have the things we desire, and save for a retirement so we have comfort. On the other hand, we yearn for a work that is inspiring, fulfilling, is valued, and is recognized as worthwhile to others.

People choose the work they do for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they follow in the footsteps of their family or a respected other. Sometimes they find the best paying work and do it to get the stuff or the life accoutrements they desire.  For others, they do something to get by and find themselves doing the same thing 20 years later.

Few really turn in and search for their interests, uncover talents, refine intentions, or prioritize self-fulfillment as the director of the work they seek. Herein is the theme of this song that supports the chapter in Lucia's book.

We all have gifts and talents inside, some known, many unexplored. Do you identify them and work to refine them and improve them and expand them, or do you settle? The word on the esoteric street is to do what you love and the money/reward will follow. How many are free to do so? How many will take that risk? The invitation here is to do just that, take the risk, to then discover just how supported by a Cosmos that truly loves you. 

Search for what you desire to do. Often all that we have done up until now is done for the purpose of honing skills for the work we are to do. That work is the combination of all learned to develop something unique and fresh. Consider this. Look for what you are inspired by. Start to brainstorm what kind of work that might be. If it is not yet created, then it might just be yours to do. Yes, money and resources are necessary to survive, but too often people get trapped by the money and fail to do what "they came to do".living in you lies the talent, living in you lies the truth of who you are... 

  Living in you lies   the talent
  Living in you lies   the truth
  Of who you are
  Are you gonna release
  The talent?
  Are you gonna free
  What you are?
It’s living in you
How many times have you Closed your eyes?
How many times have
You turned?
How many reasons have
You thrown in your path
To ignore why You are here
On this Earth?
It’s living in you
Are you dissatisfied or
Stuck in your ways?
Have you forgotten
Your spark?
Have you been tied and
Holding on to a job
That doesn’t feed you or
Bring joy to your life?
    Oh, I have been calling
    Out to you
    I have been waiting
    Oh so long
    Won’t you return to me
    Oh, won’t you  come home
  Living in you  flows the talent
  Living in you flows the
  truth of who you are
  Are you gonna release
  The talent?
  It’s time to become  What you are
                    ©1996. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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