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Song from CD What Lies Beyond: If You Will Listen

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Sometimes the road we are on runs smack dab into the road we yearn to be on. We see ourselves flailing in the familiar, struggling to hold on to what...something that does not even serve us any more. Decisions to be made. A vast unknown out there. Leaps of faith. Clinging to the old ways. Feeling guilty. Feeling confused. Feeling empty. Feeling numb...

I have been there in and out of my life. Sometimes after profound losses of a relationship, a dream, a part of me just plops down in the road...and does not truly know what to do. I used to get scared about it, feeling like I had to keep moving or I would get swallowed up by the nothing. And then I learned to just let go and be in the nothing that I was running from. It soon became apparent that I was only a bit of time needed to pass as the energy and influence of the old just faded, as the new found its way in. A chance to breathe....integration...a reboot...installation of a new OS...ultimately, an invitation to listen to the if for the first time

We get too familiar with the past and think it defines us and infuses our cells and tissue. It does not...we have to stop and pay attention...wait for guidance...take off the old costume and all the baggage....this song is one way to say all of this. Use it when you are in the in-between. Celebrate the incubation and know that a whole new world is rising from within...don't buy the old press clippings any more... this is a new day...and it's there for you right now... 
There's a hollow feeling deep within your heart
It pulls you through this life
Day and night you feel the ache
You call someone But it won't go away
You look to the future You dream of the far away 
You think there's somebody 
Who will give you all you need
So you just wait and the world moves on

You meet someone who steals your heart
You invest and hope this is the one
And to a job you pour yourself
But things are never done
You look to the future You dream of the far away
You knock on every door
But you don't hear The pulse from deep inside 

If you will listen then you will hear 
There is an answer And its so clear 
But you been runnin so hard For so very long 
There is a love that calls your name 
It's in your heart it is aflame 
Can you surrender to this song 
If you listen hard It's there for you right now

Through the days and through the nights
You do your things to steal each bit of time
You can't surrender you won't let go For just one moment
You just might lose your mind
You look to the future You dream of the far away
That loneliness carries you
Away from recognizing that You really have a choice

                   ©1996.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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