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Song from CD What Lies Beyond: My Dream

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More teacher stuff...please read through the narrative for the song, Teacher Teacher,  to learn more about my teaching experiences. This song was a day in the life of the teacher, an insider's view of the raw world of being a teacher at the Elementary Level. Too often people would give me flak about teaching saying how much time we got off and the vacations and only working 'til 3...shaddup! Teaching is a full time experience. Teachers took their work home. They had endless preparation and correcting. They took the energy of each child home and problem solved and challenged themselves to find the thing that would make it click for Alison, for Johnny, for Mark, and Kathy, and Jeremy, and Brenda, and Monica, and...everyone of them as important as the other. It was quality moments peppered in with melt downs and traumas , mistakes, celebrations, recess tears, anger, frustration, wanting to run name it. Constant energy moving. 33 powerful beings interfacing in a confined space trying to have a quality after day. That's not even bringing up the administration issues and the yellow tablets and the surprise visits and yard duty and the assemblies and who's covering the walkway on a rainy day, and how can I get away...that everyone had scream out at one time or another.

Let's just say that it was a full life experience. I have the utmost respect for those who hear the calling. They are very special people...dedicated to making a profound difference for as long as and in any way they can for that classroom in that moment. I'm in tears just writing about's precious, it's rich, it's terribly frustrating at times, and is filled with yearly beginnings and endings. The relief of the last day of the year, and the impending Summer vacation, was quite soon replaced by the emptiness that would wash over the moment we realized that we would not ever do this again with this group of children. Deep connections terminated...emptiness, sadness, grief...for a week or so...and then the personal cleansing through the Summer to find the ground and a center again. By mid-August you were already amping up, turning attention, gathering egg cartons and popsicle sticks...break, not was simply a time to let go, clear out, recharge, and begin anew...don't you dare talk bad about teachers!...unless you are willing to take their place for a week, for a day, for an just do not know. So to teachers who are the caretakers of the 33 dreams that year, I honor you, one and all, with this reminder of the trenches... I keep hearing my dream...give every little child the keys, let those precious hearts and minds sail free...
Classroom of 35 never enough time
Papers all over the floor
Conference this afternoon
99 days till June
Tired of hearing they’re bored
    But there’s something that keeps Calling to me
    I keep on hearing my dream
    To give every little child the keys
    Let those precious Hearts and minds sail free
Principal’s coming in
Lesson plans due again
Meetings tomorrow till five
In One month the tests begin
Patience is growing thin
Wonder if I can survive
Sally is losing ground
Roger still sends me frowns
Tammy can’t spell her own name
Eddie still fights with Bill
Kathy just won’t sit still
Tomorrow they say it will rain
    Then there are moments
    When it all grows quiet
    And the gates are opened wide
    And the lesson flows
    And each child grows
    There’s a joy that you Just can’t hide
    And we fly, we all fly
But then district expectancies
Love to teach what I please
Teachers are ready to strike
Got yard duty twice this week
Measles and lice on Zeke
Freddie the hamster just died

                     ©1996.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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