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Song from CD What Lies Beyond: Teacher

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Altogether, I taught in public and private schools as a classroom teacher for just under 20 years. I loved it. I taught in the very school I went to as a boy. Ghosts all over the playground. Memories popping up at the craziest times. I was Mr. Welch, but the kids could always call me "Mark" if they chose. Most did not...but I could usually spot the ones who would on the first day. They had a spark, an air about them. It was a confidence that gave them permission to be themselves and engage at that level. They liked to call me left them feeling comfortable, which soon became safe, which soon became a successful experience and year for them.

I was the king of self esteem programs. I wove it into curriculum all over the place. I used music, and staged scenarios where we learned to be others and ourselves, confidently. I made public speaking a requirement.. gentle introductions, but lots of opportunities to speak something. They grew comfortable and would all participate in topic discussions. Fourth grade was a magic land...still a kid, but with a growing self awareness and the intelligence/information/ideas to show substance. The combination of that was delightful and inspiring and kept me teaching longer than it seemed I would.

I played music in clubs on the late week and weekends the whole time I had my teaching day job. Sometimes I would hold conferences with parents at the club, because that is where I saw them. You do what you got to do...towards the end I felt drained and unappreciated. Every teacher I ever knew went into the career on fire, knowing they would make a profound difference on the lives of the precious ones. The years take their toll...ever changing curriculum materials, class sizes too large, lack of additional support, teaching to the tests, public interference in the schools...on and on, stuff that diminishes the fire for so many. The pay was limited and not in line with the importance of the job. As time went on fewer and fewer kids talked about teaching...more about being a sports figure or an entertainer...big money jobs.

I got out just in time. I had done the healing on my little boy, at least up to his 12th year. My music was paying me more than my teaching,,,with far less work. And I felt like I was done. When I retired I decided to put together a self esteem assembly called, Hello World, that my wife, Erin and I took out to schools for about a year. I was contacted to come and sing some songs for a teacher back to school gathering. This song and another, My Dream, were given to me to share by that beautiful part of me who really loved teaching...

Sometimes the teacher was the only stable element in these kid's lives. A large number were in single parent households, and many were in after school care or latch-key programs. The times they were a changing. I wanted to write something from the perspective of the loving child who really respected the teacher...those in the know were crying before I reached the middle. Teaching children is very special...and unless you have stood before a class and did all you could to start their inner wouldn't know. So, listen to this song, and you will get a sense. Maybe it will even spark a memory of the teacher(s) who impacted you as a boy...maybe Mrs. Harrington, Mr McQuigan, Mr. Baily, Miss Koenig, Mr. Welch... 
Teacher, teacher, I love you
No one treats me like you do
I just love to come to school
And smile right back at you
Mom and dad have busy lives
They say they love me and they try
But you will listen anytime
You care, it’s in your eyes
    Dress so neatly smell so clean
    You never yell you’re never mean
    If I could grow up just like you
    Everyone would love me too
Could you use another son
I’m not messy I’m lots of fun
I do dishes and I give hugs
I just want some love
    Dress so neatly smell so clean
    You never yell you’re never mean
    If I could grow up just like you
    Everyone would love me too
Teacher, teacher,  I love you…
                   ©1996.Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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