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Sound Alchemy Resources: Soundscapes Complete CD MP3 Download

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Being in Nature brings alignment. The frequencies cleanse the auric field. Thenegative ions near running water bring us to a state of balance. The vibration lifts us beyond our resistance into a precious place of balance. In this state we becomepowerfully soft. We jettison our resistance. We open to multiple dimensions andexperience the Earth plane in an expansion where the senses pull off the veils. We are in a state of surrender…that’s when life reveals herself. She invites us to listen…so listen.

These natural ambiances are sounds made by nature. They impact our cells, ourtissues, our Being, and transport us into the greater now. Use them to take a journey. Use them to create the soft expansive space. Use them to soothe your energy bodies. Use them to open up your heart to what is calling…just use them.

The Natural World is healing. It is where the Earth feeds us vibration free of the cacophony of civilization. Being in Nature softens the energetic onslaught on our energy bodies and gives us time to heal and reclaim the balance. These environmental recordings create a healing ambiance that can substitute for the real thing. Put them on as background and go about your day. Notice how the flowing water leaves you feeling. Experience the coming and goings of a thunderstorm that can bring your vibration into a higher frequency. Treat yourself to the sound gift of Nature, wherever you are.

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Disc One:
Another Rainy Day
Ocean Surf Storm
Shaman’s River

Disc Two:
Summer Meadow
Sleepy Night with Bowls
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01 AnotherRainyDaySample

02 OceanSurfSample

03 ShamansRiverSample

04 SummerMeadowSample

05 ThunderstormSample

06 SleepyNightwithBowlsSample