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Speak My Words Song MP3 Download

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ABOUT THIS SONG (taken from the song description in the Heart's Desire CD)

Your spoken words are the commands to the Cosmic Soup to make manifest the form in kind. Be watchful for allowing lower frequency words to be uttered, especially with strong emotion. You are giving the Cosmos specific instructions with every word. Yes, you are that powerful. Make love the gift wrapping of all of your spoken words...and, for that matter, your thoughts as well. The words "I AM" are the most potent of all the words spoken. Whatever follows them becomes the immediate form. And, until further notice, the Cosmic Soup will keep giving you more forms to align with what you have claimed...consider "I Am so sick of this". Prepare yourself for an ongoing set of illnesses of varying told the Cosmos to bring it on with your I Am claim.

Speak clearly and without doubts or hesitation and you will see the forms line up to balance your living Love.

This tune again uses the key of G paired with the Em, a combination of spoken word in action. The feel is along Native American music lines. It is strong and action oriented and calls you to align with the Earth support. Do dance and chant this one over and over...and then speak all your words with Love.

Speak my words with Love
I Am, I Am (2X)
Out into the world
I speak with clear intent
With confidence
I make it known
Without any doubt
Behold my dream

                          ©1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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