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Stay-at-Home Resource Package Download

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Just in Time for the Next Phase of This World Wide Wake Up Call
Music, writings, and a PDF book to assist you in raising your vibration to embrace the unfolding opportunities presenting themselves in the form of a sweeping world wide health challenge. These higher frequency resources can help you take charge of your choices in your moments. They invite you to enter the bigger picture…

These intentional tools and informational resources can:
Provide energetic support for any age.
Help raise your personal frequency to activate clarity and balance
Can be launching points of discussion to assist in deepening relationships in the family.
Be tools to amplify the experience of self care.
Assist you in raising the vibration of your thoughts to initiate higher frequency beliefs that manifest a different experience
Redirect your focus to more life affirming levels
Be used for family connecting sing-togethers
Assist in balancing the energy and vibration in the home
Be used as a change of pace and even an intentional distraction from the routines already in place

4 CD Downloads
(Click CD Title to Listen to samples)
  1. Brand New Day- songs addressing the frequency of change
  2. Solid on the Earth- songs addressing staying grounded in the physical body
  3. Opening Up- songs addressing the frequency of health and its maintenance
  4. I Must Take Good Care of Me- songs supporting the practice of self care

8 writings from two of Mark's E-Books
  1. Physical Body- taken from the Weekly Gratitudes E-Book
  2. Abundance -taken from the Weekly Gratitudes E-Book
  3. Change-taken from the Weekly Gratitudes E-Book
  4. Personal Boundaries-taken from the Living in De Light E-Book
  5. Resistance -taken from the Living in De Light E-Book
  6. Relationship-taken from the Living in De Light E-Book
  7. Solution-taken from the Living in De Light E-Book
  8. Challenge-taken from the Weekly Gratitudes E-Book

Additional Resources
  1. E-Book, Weekly Gratitudes: 52 Gratitude Practices
  2. How-to Article: Safe Clearing of Fear
  3. Recorded Easter talk by Mark as MP3 file

This timely package is available for a special discount price. Download it right now and put it into supporting you and the vibration of your home spaceI

You can also send this package to a friend in another household as a gift from you. Click to access that page to send your caring gift.
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