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Strength is a Solar Plexus, Will Center issue. The will center requires awareness first. Then there is the information to address the situation that floods in through the back side of the chakra. This gives you options from which to choose. The real strength is in choosing and taking action in good faith. Strength leads to results when one is willing to monitor results of action to redirect and brainstorm new options to take action on. It is a process that builds solidarity between the inner and the that balance. 

I put this song in the key of D, normally reserved for the Sacral Chakra, because strength is fortified by releasing the energetic debris of held woundings from previous moments of living. The Solar Plexus expresses dysfunctionality via anger, rage, criticism, hatred, and the like. These are mask emotions. They keep the real root cause hidden to "protect" the inner child self. The child does what she/he is told. Re-educate your precious inner self my friend. Go into the sensation, the pain, to commune with the child. Doing so will allow the release and the freedom from the energetics.

It takes massive strength to be willing to enter the darkness of repressed wounds, but that is where the keys to freedom lie. Meet the moments life has laid in your hands. Take the steps that are obvious. This song builds you up to allow your spirit to triumph over matter. Take the action to heal. Only you can do that for you.

Let this song be the tool to allow you to address the wounds. Start with lists of those who have perpetrated pain upon you. Call forth the ones you have anger towards, judge against, feel hate and rage...that strength to do so is what will trigger release. The song is the tool of release. Keep affirming each instance with a round of the song. Heal through the old one person at a time. This is how you remember you are and always have much more.
I have strength
to meet the moments
Life lays in my hands
Through the pain I grow I learn
To take each step I can
All my thoughts
My words my actions
Serve to keep me strong
Spirit triumphs over matter
Strength is my song
           ©March 7, 2004. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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