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Launching on July 1, 2024. New postings every other Saturday.

Everybody could use a stack of manuals about living consciously, specific information that can assist your moments of living. We all stand on the threshold of reclaiming our true selves. Some will succeed. Some will not be interested, being too invested in the way it has been...because its familiar. And in between these lies an infinite field of possibility Energetically, higher frequency information that affirms life and our true magnificence will impact much more than the drivel that reminds us that we are sinners and have questionable value...
If you want to start experiencing some alternative perspectives and some hands on things to do that will likely precipitate a change, then consider subscribing to Bi-Monthly How-to Articles. Each is an instruction for expansive change. Once a month you get a new delivery of idea and technique to apply to your moments of living. There will be plenty of time to put it into practice so you can make your own decision about its value to you.
Subscribe to The Bi-Monthly How-to Article and gently introduce your self to a new way to live your moments. In a year's time you will have 26 articles, each a strategy for living .. All articles will be sequenced in a constantly available archive. Simply access your account via your own password. Click the button below to subscribe for a single pay $57 investment (a little over $2 per article)...
Make the choice and subscribe so you can open up to a more expanded experience of you.

Here is a list of the first 12 articles:

1. Balancing the Chakras
2. Safe Release of Fear
3. Creating a Healing Ambiance
4. Conscious Connection with Nature
5. Toning
6. Clearing Energetic Cords
7. Clearing Anger
8. Grounding
9. Connecting with Your Inner Child
10. Maintaining Conscious Speech
11. Finding Your Power Animals
12. Embracing the Gifts the Moments Bring
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