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When I traveled with Hay House author, Sonia Choquette, I was always making up songs to serve the moment. As she would complete her books she would give me a copy to make music for the key points. The first book I did this for was Heart's Desire. As I searched through titles and topics I was reminded of our inherent capacity of magnificence that gets tossed into the scrap heap when our familial and cultural programs infuses limitations, not good enough, and normal. I then recalled or had just seen the Olympics opening ceremony that featured Mohammed Ali lighting the cauldron flame. I recall seeing him walk into the mist, having obvious difficulty in moving, the result of years of pummeling...likely. I cried when I saw him because he was the greatest, representing how powerful one could be, how confident, how likeable, how loved...

I sat at the piano at home and the melody through itself into my hands. The words followed and I remembered that I, too, was magnificent, born for glory, unserved by the limitations I had so easily bought into and wore through the years. No more, I said. I Am born for glory and I shall do that from now on. Under the influence of that decision this song lyric revealed itself.

Potent. Powerful. Inspiring....just like us all. Claim it, my friend...and see how life shows up for you then.
We were born perfect in every way
Beaming with golden light
Blessed with “I can” Can you remember?
You were born filled with your holy plan
It is not lost to you
It’s waiting inside
What keeps us cradling belief in our own limitations
What keeps us circling below what we are
What keeps us looking on while life whirls around us
What keeps us living “no” when we’re made to be “yes”
We were born to medal in every race
See God in every place
To dance the I AM can you remember?
You were born with power beyond your dreams
To embrace every living thing
With heart open wide
What keeps us holding on to mem’ries of deep separation
What keeps the distance between you and I
What keeps us wishing hard starving on “what-if’s” and “maybe’s”
What keeps us living “no” when we’re made to be “yes”
Here’s to the wounded years here’s to the pain
Here’s to the blame I’ve laid here’s to mistakes
Here’s to the critic’s eye born in childish fears
Here’s to the shaky walls all covered with tears
Here’s to the ways I bought here’s to lost time
Here’s to leaving it all behind
We were born with not one care in the world
Why not return to there
I know we can I know we can
                © July 20, 1996. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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