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The Answer Is Simple MP3 Song: Comes Back

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Sometimes people get afraid to love as they think that it is a commodity that they will run out of. Well, that belief was put into place by years of listening to country music. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Cosmos works on reciprocal action. Give to get...and then just keep recycling the flow. Give freely and without an ounce of oh, no, what if...allow life to be life with and through you. It all comes back in spades, amplified, washed clean with additional gifts, to be laid gently at your altar of awareness. Yeah, you guessed have to notice it and claim it. Otherwise you will be out on the highway of lonesome singing old country tunes of loss and regret until your battery runs dry. So, don't go there. Be a willing participant in sowing your own seeds of Love in all your moments. Then open up and stay open to receive the inevitable bounty that is coming fast, special delivery. Bouncy tune in the A minor, key of C. Cool use of the repeating mantra of Comes Back...
What I do for you I do for me
The love I give is feeding me
Every hug to you     comes back
Every reminder of Truth     comes back
Every thoughtful deed     comes back
Most certainly     comes back

   Oh, What I want to fill my life
   I must give it away
   The beauty that I seek in life
   Give it away to you
       © May 1, 1999. Music for Every Soul. All Rights Reserved.

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